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To sleep or not to sleep

by Elena Liliana Tanase

To sleep or not to sleep


It's a marvellous feeling to wake up every morning after a long good night sleep. Energetic and healthy. Happy and smiling.

With somebody to love next to you.


But if we do not have any of all of these ?

No to a good night sleep.

No to somebody to love.

No to energetic and smiling.

The night sleep is essential for our lives. A good night sleep is a guarantee for a spectacular next day. For maximum efficiency and good will.

What do we need for a good sleep?

1. A clean and comfy big bed, good mattress and quality fabric sheets

2. A good fresh air in the room

3. All the problems left behind, written on a piece of paper to be solved prioritizing them the next days

4. Love, Love, Love around

Insomnia is a modern people disease, always come with the package of some problems which are difficult to solve in real life.

We can help recovering from insomnia with a comfortable bed. Try the feeling of sleeping in satin sheets.

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Elena Liliana Tanase
Elena Liliana Tanase


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