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About us

 The Story of Bluelix

I have dreamed about having an online business for my whole life

.I wanted a store where women could find everything they needed to be charming and seductive. I imagined a type of online mall full of love with sexy dresses, fine jewelry, sheer lingerie, and silk beddings. For many years I tried to build up the courage to start this business but I just couldn't bring myself to do it.
Then, with a burst of courage, I decided it was finally time to start achieving my dream.
With a lot of hard work, and some lessons learned along the way, my dream came true with the creation of Bluelix. I started in May 2016, not knowing anything about the online commerce world. Over these few months I have gained a vast knowledge of Ecommerce, hoping to make a better website for my clients. I want everyone to feel safe and happy when they shop here at Bluelix, and everyday I work to meet this goal.

All of the Bluelix collections consist of elegant, tasteful products from producers around the world. I pick items for my store based on what I would like to wear or have in my closet. I want to provide my clients with what I believe is a perfect online shopping experience: exceptional service, a safe and pleasant atmosphere, and unique, high quality items to buy. It was with these goals in mind that I created Bluelix.

Bluelix is hosted and managed by Shopify, a Canadian online store platform known worldwide.
The Bluelix checkout system is safe and secure. Our company uses the American based payment processor 2Checkout, as well as PayPal payment.
Bluelix prices have a minimum decent margin for all products, and we often offer high discount rates and sales!
Our Bluelix products are chosen from producers with high satisfaction rates and high quality materials.
It is usually difficult for companies to ensure set delivery times when shipping products all over the world. However, here at Bluelix we pay our producers to guarantee your package is delivered within a specified amount of time, and still provide you with free shipping! As a fellow online shopper myself, free shipping always makes a purchase a little bit sweeter.

I know that online shopping always poses a risk. But here at Bluelix, I always treat my customers the way I would want to be treated when shopping online.

We hope you enjoy your Bluelix shopping experience! Please send any questions or suggestions you might have to

Thank you for reading,

Helen Lili Tanase
Bluelix owner