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Lemonbest 2pcs Crystal Salt Night Lamp with UL Wall Plug and 4 Bulbs Screw-in Lamp 110V for Nightlight Air purifier Decorations

Crystal salt lamp is made from crystal salt which is selected from the Himalayan Mountains, tasteless, without any harmful radiation, can be used for bedroom, living room, kitchen, coffee shop, book store, bar, and so on.
Each Salt lamp comes with a UL certificated Plug which can rotate 360° to adjust the best placement.
Multifunction night light, Equip with 4 bulb. Two 7W incandescent bulb, can be used as nightlight, bring soft light to help release pressure. Two 0.5W LED bulb, can  automatically change 6 colors, creative romantic atmosphere and make your mood warm and bright. Also you can replace your desired lamp, suggest bulb size is max.1*2"(D*H).
Release negative ions: It is proved that salt lamp crystal can emit ions to the surrounding, and the main production is negative ions. Salt lamps absorb water from the air, then evaporate, then absorb water, then evaporate, in the process of continuously produce ions.
Air purifier : Salt lamps can remove smoke and odor from the air, absorb and remove dust mites in the air, pollen, mold spores, bacteria and so on. It can also adjust allergies, asthma and other common diseases of children, while regulating the immune system.

1.It's a normal phenomenon that each salt lamp have a different color and texture because of natural material.
2.when salt lamp get wet on the surface in the wet or cold weather, please connect to power, it will dry out after a few hours. use a plastic bag to seal it (cut off from the air) to prevent moisture when you dun't use it for a long time.
4.Indoor use, don't touch water.
5.Avoid bumps.
6.Please put proper place that children can't touch.

Type: Crystal Salt Lamp
Material: Salt
Quantity: 2pc
Color: As Shown
Incandescent Bulb Watt: 7W
LED Bulb Watt: 0.5W
Incandescent Bulb Lumen: 40-50 LM
Input Power: AC 110V max. 7W
Socket Type: E12
Access type: Screw-in
Inner Size: 2.5*5cm/ 1*2"(D*H)
Overall Size: 9.6*7.8*4.8cm/3.8*3.1*1.9"(L*W*H)
Net Weight: 0.48kg/17oz
2*Crystal Salt Lamp
1*Package Box

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