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Portable Dog/ Cat Travel Bag Pet Carrier/ Small and Medium Pets Puppy Comfort Travel Capsule!! Hot ITEM!!

HOT ITEM! Portable Dog/ Cat Travel Bag Pet Carrier Bag for Small and Medium Pets Puppy Comfort Travel Capsule Pet Outdoor Bring Supplies
1. Adopting high-quality material, it is durable and has a long service life.
2. Fashionable appearance, two color options (green for three hole space, orange for breathable honeycomb).
3. Built-in woolen blanket, it has large space, large capacity and is easy to travel.
4. Upgrade accessories, super porous design, comfortable and not stuffy, strong permeability.
5. There is nylon net gauze on the back of the backpack, which has strong air permeability. There are two rows of air holes on the front of the backpack to increase air permeability.
6. The bag adopts the design comfortable hand-held, and it has the function of cushioning when it is up.
7. The back of the bag has the design of the double zipper, which is more humanized.
8. The bag shoulder strap can be adjustable, and you can adjust the length for different height people.
9. There is a fixed button inside the bag to prevent pets from running away.
10. The side of the back of the bag adopts a breathable net to make it be breathable, and dogs can enjoy the scenery.

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